• Make Life an Adventure!
  • Make Life an Adventure!
  • Make Life an Adventure!
  • Make Life an Adventure!

Greetings from Dante Dionne!

This site is dedicated to providing a glimpse of Dante’s amazing career … leading the creation of a more connected world; by connecting people with people, places and things.

Helping people around the globe to lead more informed, enriched, empowered and fuller lives.

By connecting:

  • Travelers with once in a life time experiences.
  • Physicians with their patients.
  • Families with the home of their dreams.
  • Communities with the power to light their homes.
  • Audiences with content that captures the imagination.
  • Citizens with the knowledge of the globe at their fingertips.
  • Commuters with the means to reliably transport their precious cargo.
  • Consumers with remote access to affordable high quality goods & services.
  • Firms with supply chains to deliver competitive products to consumers.
  • Workers with the tools needed to remain employable in order to feed, clothe & enrich the lives of their families.

Some of Dante’s key cross-industry assignments and client engagements include:


This site is currently being revised from Dante’s “classic” website¬†… Thank You for your patience!