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Continental Internet Services

Company Overview 

While remaining committed to providing the highest quality entertainment and information on television, Continental Cablevision is assuming an important role in the newest entertainment and information medium: the Internet.

The third-largest multiple system operator (MSO) in the United States, Continental is poised to offer a full range of advanced telecommunications, high-speed data and interactive services in the 750 communities it serves. In fact, the company is emerging not only as a leading provider of communications services in America, but increasingly in other parts of the world as well. Current joint ventures span the globe, from Australia to Argentina.

Operationally, Continental Cablevision is structured to provide maximum local autonomy, so services can be structured to best meet local needs, cultures and customs. To that end, a new division of Continental Cablevision's Southeast Region has been created to concentrate on the development and deployment of high-speed data services, which will debut in the Jacksonville market. This division, Continental Internet Services, plans to introduce two new services in 4th Quarter 1996 - one consumer-focused, and the other focused on business needs. Both services will have the advantage of superior local service support, with a higher than average specialist-to-user ratio.

Consumer Internet Access Services/Highway1:

Consumer Internet Access Services will feature two products - High-Speed Internet Access and Basic Internet Services - each of which will include a free personal home page. High-Speed Internet Access will offer Internet access using a surfboard? cable modem, allowing customers to receive data at unprecedented speed. Basic Internet Services use telephone lines, similar to accessing the Internet through a traditional Internet service provider.

Business Internet/Intranet Services.

In addition to providing consumer Internet services, Continental is developing commercial Internet and Intranet Access and Content Hosting. Intranet Access uses the Internet to connect employees, suppliers, and more, regardless of location. Many organizations discover an increase in productivity from information sharing in these secure, private "virtual" networks. Content Hosting is a service through which businesses, schools and organizations can create a presence on the World Wide Web. Continental's plans are to host local content of high value to the community. For instance, Continental Internet Services was recently announced as the official host of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars site.





       My name is Dante Dionne II. 

       I am with the IT Internet Systems Engineering Team based in New Orleans, LA.  Currently I am developing a proposal and strategy for using multimedia to deliver solutions at Entergy.

The purpose of this email is to first inform you of this effort; second solicit your input to identify customers for those technologies; and third to identify your business unit or customer requirements for multimedia.

Multimedia is defined as:

Utilizing text, graphics, audio and video to support the active exchange and communication of information across the corporation among users and business applications.

The plan is to utilize customer business requirements to build a cost-effective, compelling multimedia solution. This could be used for selling goods and services, conducting training, and delivering corporate information.

Below are a specific set of questions which could be used by account managers during strategy meetings with customers to facilitate identifying their requirements for which the use of multimedia could provide a viable approach. 

  • What are the unrealized benefits in having the ability to deliver live and on-demand audio and video to the desktop?

  • Can the mission of your organization be better reached by leveraging a corporate multimedia solution?

  • Can we quantify the benefits of having for example, the ability to quickly implement cost-effective training solutions and interactive employee communications to the desktop?

  • Is there an established need to deliver compelling live and stored multimedia content, such as news and entertainment, and to integrate video and audio into e-commerce and online advertising?

  • Are there opportunities to be realized in having the ability to deliver pay-per-view, pay-per minute services to your customers? Or building a commerce, billing, and management/analysis solution? 

  •  Has any consideration been given to the possibility of delivering live and on-demand Web-based training vs. our current methods?

  • Would webcast events and distance presentations be a more economical and convenient method for corporate communications, training seminars, coaching sessions, remote recruiting, etc, thereby reducing travel  costs?

  • Would the ability for a speaker to synchronize their PowerPointŪ slides with a live audio or video stream, and integrate it with a real-time chat interface provide an effective alternative to your existing videoconferencing needs?

  •  Who are your customers now and in the next 2-3 years? How can multimedia be leveraged to effectively  communicate/enhance our offerings.

  •  What issues are present that require further communication, clarification, or evaluation?

Please distribute this request for information to all applicable parties.

Email all responses to Dante Dionne II (ddionne@entergy.com).

If additional information is needed to clarify the intentions of this

request, please contact me at 8.xxx.2243 internally, or 504.xxx.2243


Your timely support and communication efforts will help to make this initiative more effective.

Best Regards,

Dante Dionne II