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2.4.              Main Sequence of Steps:
Orders are received in ‘sets’ that come as one set of instructions and must be split into individual orders.  Each individual order will be shipped to a single location and may consist of multiple products and quantities. Each order must be assembled and shipped on short notice.  Orders may be received a few days before shipping, but are subject to change right up to the last minute.  This may involve adding or removing products.

Shipments may be split for an order if necessary – some products must not be late.  For others, if they will be late there is no point in sending them.

Some, but not all products may be barcoded or RF-tagged.

For products with barcodes, we need to know what barcode of a product went with each shipment.

Picking and packing are separate tasks, as is the shipping step.

Need to be able to manage and report on any step.

Business Object Model:

Order Processing Sub-Systems:

 Shipping Report Use Case:

Order Processing Use Case:

 Shipping Sub-System Diagram: