Professional Training

Included below are some of over a dozen specialized certifications that Dante holds.

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential. Certification of proficiency in the Project Management Institute (PMI) global standards of Project Management. Esp. processes, tools, techniques, methodologies, resources, and procedures to manage projects with improved success rates.

Certified Executive Coach and Mentor Credential (CECM). Certification of proficiency in application of methodical approach in coaching employees, coworkers and clients for higher levels of performance and personal growth.
Accredited by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM).

Certified Change Management Specialist (CMS)

Certified Change Management Specialist (CMS). Professional training in design and management of organizational change programs. Proficiency as change leader/mentor/coach employing established change theories, models and management tools.

Corporate Trainer Certification (CTC). Professional training on instructional methods including accelerated learning theory, cognitive training models, retention, sequencing, content development, non/verbal delivery, course management & design tools, more.

2019. One of several certificates of training in project management.

Cert Prep Training as Certified Scrum Master

2019. One of multiple certificates of training in using the SCRUM framework to manage iterative projects.

2000. One of several certificates of training in project management.

2000. Certificate of training in early version of MS Project. One of several project management tools trained in.

1997. Certificate of training in C++ programming.

2003. Early member of Project Management Institute (PMI).

1996. Certificate of training in Macromedia Director development. Shockwave development tool and predecessor to Adobe Flash (prior to Adobe acquisition).

1995. Certificate of training as technical support representative for America Online.