Specialized Research Certifications

Included below are a number of Specialized Research certifications that Dante holds.


Behavioral Economics for Market Researchers. Specialized training in applying behavioral economics concepts (esp. anchoring, framing, priming, risk/reward, desirability, etc.) to improve research design, influence purchasing decisions, brand preferences and more.
Social Media Meets Market Research. Specialized training for leveraging social media in research projects. Employing observational and active inquiry techniques with traditional social media channels (monitoring, sampling) and prediction markets for the purpose of early issue warning, competitive insights, and barometric sentiment analysis. Includes typical measurements (esp. polarity (positive/negative), intensity, volume) and semiotic linguistic analysis.
Introduction to Ethnography. Specialized training in methods of planning and performing ethnographic observational research.

Managing Focus Groups. Specialized training in planning, facilitating, managing and reporting results of in-person and online focus group discovery based research. Includes best practices in creative group moderation techniques (esp. oral, visual, projective key questioning) to builds trust, encouraging engagement, minimizing bias, and more.

Excel for Market Researchers Data Analysis. Specialized training in applying statistical procedures (esp. descriptives, pivot tables, t-test, chi-square tests, correlations, and simple/multiple regression) to analyze data using MS Excel.
Market Segmentation. Specialized training applying various approaches to defining market segments in research projects.
Introduction to Conjoint Analysis. Specialized training in designing and conducting discrete choice survey research and conjoint data analysis.
Client Management. Specialized training in successful client engagements. Includes effectively managing researcher/client relationship, suppliers, project risks, budgets, schedules and client expectations.
Online Qualitative Research Methods. Specialized training in a number of online qualitative research methods. Includes social media recruitment/monitoring, online focus groups, crowdsourcing (idea management and prediction market platforms), webcam research, online projective methods, and more.
Infographics for Market Researchers. Specialized training in infographic design principles and leveraging software tools to create visually compelling infographic representation of research data that is informative and enhances comprehension. deliver highlights of research attention.
Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis. Specialized training in performing quantitative data analysis and interpretation using SPSS. Includes importing and formatting data, conducting and reading crosstabs, significance testing, CHAID, regression, Factor analysis and Cluster analysis.
Conducting Research Interviews. Specialized training in planning and conducting research interviews, including how to avoid common challenges.
10 Point Checklist for Questionnaire Design. Specialized training in survey research. Includes pre-testing to avoid common issues in sampling and data collection.
Questionnaire Design 201: Scale Selection. Specialized advanced training in online and telephone survey data collection methods. Includes various ranking and rating scale selection considerations (esp. Likert, semantic differential, constant sum, wording, formatting and more) that minimizes bias (esp. social desirability, acquiescence, extreme response, and boredom) to effectively quantify respondent attitudes and behaviors and produce actionable insights.
Writing Qualitative Research Reports. Specialized training in various visual and multimedia approaches for interpreting, synthesizing and reporting quantitative research findings that maximizes insights and addresses key project objectives.